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“It’s just more red tape and paperwork.” An all too familiar response when explaining what we do for a living. Health and Safety on the whole does not carry the best of reputations for enabling business to thrive in the UK at the moment. Coupled with plenty of media reports of health and safety gone mad, with stories of pancake races and conkers matches banned etc, it is no wonder that health and safety is looked upon in a poor light.

But wait a moment. Think how things have progressed from the early days of the industrial revolution, when serious injury and even death was an accepted part of the average person’s working life. In today’s world this is clearly no longer the case, and rightly so. In today’s world the repercussions from a serious accident can be severely damaging to a business. A good reputation that you have worked long and hard to achieve can be lost very quickly because of one unfortunate incident that could easily have been predicted and crucially just as easily prevented.

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“But,” you say, “We comply with the law. We have a health and safety policy; we downloaded one from the ‘net’, and we have done a risk assessment. We have also got the necessary insurance.” All very admirable that you are doing your best to be compliant, but have you considered the wider picture?

An effective health and safety policy and management system written specifically for your corporation can save your business time and money, while improving your reputation with your clients and amongst your competitors.

Even with insurance cover, the losses to a business after an accident can be significant. Many costs will not even be covered by insurance; eg additional overtime payments to cover for an absent injured employee, penalty charges for late delivery etc.

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In fact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimate that on average for every £1.00 of recoverable insured costs there are £10.00 of uninsured expenses. Typically the range of uninsured against insured losses runs from 2:1 to 36:1.* This starts to make an effective health and safety management system a sound business proposition as well as a basic legal requirement.

A well written health and safety policy that is clearly communicated to your employees can prevent civil claims, or at least reduce their value, in the event of an accident or ill health incident. This can also have the welcome effect of reducing your insurance premiums.

So let Anglia Safety Advisors take on your health and safety management, allowing you to be assured that your business will be not only be compliant with current legislation, but will also be kept informed of any amendments or new legislation coming in to force. We will also ensure that your staff are briefed and made aware of their responsibilities; freeing up your time to focus on your core activities and achieve greater success in your own field.

* Source of information: HSE indg275 Managing Health and Safety Prices